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John Wick 4 Gas Blowback BB Gun
Jag Precision x Taran Tactical International Licensed JW4 - Pit Viper Airsoft GBBP (R614)


-  V2 Finish - Black DLC coating on Pit Viper gives it a high gloss black finish 

-  Official Taran Tactical Innovations License

-   This is modeled on the gun to be used in John Wick Chapter 4

-   Taran's signature "Ghost Profile" Shrouded rear adjustable sight

-   Integral mock compensator barrel - 11mm threaded for barrel extension or thread            adapters

-   Inner barrel extended beneath compensator, providing better accuracy and velocity

-   Inner Barrel Length: 123mm

-   Overall Lenght : 9.5" Inch (measured from muzzle to rearmost of magwell)

-   Overall Height: 6.5" inch (measured from top of slide to magwell without magazine)

-   Non-tilting barrel design ensures smooth cycling regardless of compensator or barrel extension mounted to the end

-   Short slide with compensator combination allows for long barrel length for velocity and accuracy, but quick and snappy cycling for speedy follow up shots

-   Black color finish, highly detailed CNC machined aluminum slide w/TTI laser engraved      markings, CNC machined aluminum frame w/ molded reinforced polymer grips

-   Hand Stippled grip

-   TTI professional slide lightening cuts help the slide cycle faster with less felt muzzle flip

-   Flared mag well aids in quick reloads

-   Precise hop-up system that allows for accurate and effective shooting.

-   Comes with fiber optic front sight

-   An integral accessory rail for mounting a tactical flashlight.

-   Precise hop-up system that allows for accurate and effective shooting.

-   Package includes: TTI Pit Viper & Magazine (powered by Green Gas) and Manual.



The TTI JW4 Pit Viper is a high-quality pistol produced by Taran Tactical Innovations, which can be seen in the latest movie John Wick 4. The licensed airsoft pistol was produced by the renowned airsoft manufacturer Army Armament (in cooperation with Jag Precision), whose airsoft products are known for their reliability, precision, and durability.

The Pit Viper is built with high-quality polymer (grip) and a durable aluminium alloy frame, slide and barrel, which not only gives it a realistic weight and feel but also adds to its durability. Its ergonomic design and comfortable textured grip provide a secure hold, even in wet conditions, and the pistol is designed for both right- and left-handed shooters. The JW4 - Pit Viper GBBP also comes equipped with a fibre optic front sight and adjustable rear sight, allowing for precise aiming and target acquisition.

The Pit Viper GBBP is powered by a gas blowback system, which provides a realistic recoil, powerful sound, and is visually attractive. The pistol can fire at up to 330 feet per second, making it a powerful option for both indoor and outdoor airsoft games. Additionally, the gas blowback system ensures that the pistol operates reliably, even in cold weather conditions. It has an adjustable hop-up system for improved accuracy and a fibre optic front sight for quick target acquisition!

When compared to other airsoft pistols in its class, the JW4 - Pit Viper GBBP stands out for its high-quality construction, realistic weight and feel, and reliable performance. Many other airsoft pistols in this price range are made with cheaper materials, which can lead to reliability issues and a less realistic shooting experience.

R614 PIT VIPER also has unique features and functions that provide an excellent airsoft gaming experience and allow for excellent results on the battlefield. It will provide you with a realistic shooting experience and reliable performance. Its durable construction, powerful gas blowback system, and precise aiming make it a top-performing airsoft pistol in its class. We are confident that the JW4 - Pit Viper GBBP will exceed your expectations and provide you with countless hours of enjoyment on the airsoft field.


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