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ZM51 Sniper Airsoft Rifle

zm51 airsoft sniper rifle h1

This is the ZM51 airsoft sniper rifle from CYMA, with outstanding features, amazing power and accuracy for such a low price. This sniper makes a great starter weapon and will supply hours of fun for all ages. This sniper rifle features a low profile barrel and bolt, meaning the weapon is relatively compact for the size; this also means that you can easily mount a low-profile scope without any issues. The low magazine count means this is not as suited to the “DMR” type role as some of our other snipers are, but the high power and accuracy coupled with the fact the barrel is very slim, as is the body, make this an ideal mid-range sniper for shooting enemies at ranges your squadmates will not hit. This sniper is also reasonably quiet when shot, meaning that if you need to take someone out, you will not necessarily give away your position, a problem you may face with a long-range AEG. Out of the box, this comes set up to use for “messing around” but does NOT include a telescopic sight; the included sight is a mock sight only and, as such, should really be replaced as soon as possible. The package also includes a cheap plastic bipod too, but this is really just for show.


-          340 FPS (est)

-          Bolt Action, single shot

-          110cm Length

-          20 Round Magazine

-          Power Type: Spring

-          Recommended ammo: 0.20g 6mm BB pellets

-          Material: ABS with METAL

-          Includes speed loader, Mock dummy scope and Bipod


  • Solid build with no flex
  • Smooth, realistic bolt action (with safety lever)
  • Solid top and bottom rail system
  • Good FPS (power)
  • Inner metal smooth barrel
  • Simple two-piece construction
  • Hidden screw fixings (remove grip plates to fix stock)
  • Good quality magazine
  • Speed-loader included


  • Plastic scope (should be replaced for accurate shooting)
  • Plastic bipod (should be replaced for accurate shooting)

Colour: Blue two-tone

Required pellets: 0.12-0.20g 6mm BB Pellets, polished high grade only

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