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Gas Mask - The Air Circulators takes battery and is fully functional.

The new airsoft Russian Anti-Fog Safety Gas Mask w/Fan system, is a decent face mask with clear lenses. This roomy mask also allows you to wear prescription eyeglasses underneath if needed. The removable 'air filter' is actually a fan system that runs on 2-AA batteries (not included). An on/off switch turns the fan on, which blows air directly onto the clear lens area! Very nifty for those airsoft players in hot and humid climates. It also keeps the inside of the mask cool and dry. The filter can be either on the right or left side of the mask, your choice! Has a bunch of adjustable straps that can accommodate any sized head, resulting in a very comfortable mask - considering the size and bulk of the mask. The lenses get some taking used to, your perspective may be a little off, but function well overall.

The quiet fan system is nearly silent, but is meant to be turned on and off as your masks starts to fog.  It will clear fog up in a matter of seconds, so there's no need to run it constantly.  The power button is easy to toggle.

Can also be used for cosplay. Russian military / Spetznaz urban style mask, very cool in person to see.

Colour: Black, Green or Tan

Reuben Librack

From what I've felt it appears very strong and sturdy, however I never was able to test the mask in combat as the fan on mine wasn't working. The only other problem than that is the rubber around the nose is very hard and is very uncomfortable. This is because you have to wear the mask low as the rubber flaps in front of the lens makes it so. I'm giving it 3 stars because It has potential maybe I was just unlucky with my nose bones and the fan in the filter.