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CCCP 1911 Spring Pistol (Blue - 2123-A1) - BB Gun

CCCP Colt 1911 style budget BB Spring powered Pistol 1:1 scale

INCLUDE Bottle of Pellets from £4.99 per qty unit of gun you add to the cart. If you would like more than one gun but fewer pellets, go to the bb pellets category and add them as separate items.

Please read our page on BB Guns & the Law before purchasing. Please Note: By adding to cart you agree that you have read and accept our Terms & Conditions, as the minimum age to purchase a BB gun is 18 years.

Do not cock the gun whilst finger on the trigger, as this will damage and/or jam the firing mechanism, this damage is not covered by warranty. Also if cheap/inferior and/or re-used pellets are found to be jammed in the gun warranty is voided.

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