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Double Eagle M22 M9 with Silencer - Spring BB Gun

Double Eagle M22 M9 with Suppressor(Silencer)

The M9 has been the standard go to action hero Pistol for the past 30 years appearing in anything from Lethal Weapon to every single computer game ever! The Double Eagle M22 is a tactical version that comes with a suppressor attachment for that secret agent look.

Mechanism Spring Air Repeater
Caliber/ammunition 6mm plastic BB's
Magazine Up to 15 plastic BB's
Weight 12.5 oz (.35kg)
Overall Length 8.5 inches (21.59cm)
Sights Front Blade/Rear Notch
Barrel Length 3.5 inches (8.89cm)
Safety Lever
Velocity Up to 275 fps (83m/s)

PERFORMANCE: Many factors can affect velocity, including brand of projectile, type of projectile and barrel condition, size and weight of projectile, lubrication, indoor/outdoor shooting and temperature.

Note that the suppressor is cosmetic only, Please do not attach incorrectly e.g. over tighten or cross thread otherwise it could be damaged.

Please read our page on BB Guns & the Law before purchasing. Please Note: By adding to cart you agree that you have read and accept our Terms & Conditions, as the minimum age to purchase a BB gun is 18 years.

Do not cock the gun whilst finger on the trigger, as this will damage and/or jam the firing mechanism, this damage is not covered by warranty. Also, if cheap/inferior and/or re-used pellets are found to be jammed in the gun warranty is voided.




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