Buy Dolly Doo Rag Boy / Dolls - 19 Inch


Dolly Doo Rag Boy / Doll - 19 Inch

Dolly Doo is a special Luxury Brand of Gift items waiting to be personalised. These..

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Dolly Doo Rag Boy / Doll - 19 Inch

Dolly Doo is a special Luxury Brand of Gift items waiting to be personalised. These Dolls are carefully designed and crafted to a fine quality.

Dolly Doo have a beautiful range of products that reflect all your sentiments.

10 Different dolls to choose from:

Rag Boy: Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man U, Tottenham Hotspur and Peter

These attractive Rag Boy's are already embroidered. Measures 19 inches in length and is fully machine washable. Makes a great gift for babies, christenings and birthdays.

Rag Doll: Ella Rose, Eve, Poppy and Sandra

Peter's Description:

Rag Doll measuring 19 inches in length dressed in white shirt, tie, shirt and pants

Ella Rose's Story:

“Hello! - I’m Ella-Rose. I’ve just been busy, feeding the hens in our yard. Do you like animals? I LOVE animals and I’m very lucky because I live on a farm with lots of animals on it. We have cows and sheep and yes, the funny hens. We have a big, cuddly dog too, called Patch. Patch is very clever. I think he might be the cleverest dog ever born. Do you have a dog? After school, I love to go to the playground. My Nana always brings me. Sometimes, she even swings with me and goes really high. That makes us laugh out loud. She hasn’t tried the zip-line yet though, but I keep asking her to. Do you have a ‘super-gran’ like me? I’m so glad you and I are going to be friends”.>

Eve's story and description:

Our Dolly Doo Christmas Rag Doll is 19 inches in height and dressed in a beautiful red cord dress with a white ribbon trim and tartan underskirt. Her collar has silver embellishments and an embroidered Santa Claus on the front of the dress. She has soft and cozy red boots with a furry trim and a beautiful red and silver headband.

“Hello there. My name is Eve. Can you guess why I was named Eve? If I told you that Christmas was my favourite time of year, would that help? Aha... well done. I was born on Christmas Eve! Do you celebrate Christmas? I‘m very artistic and I love doing arts and crafts, especially around Christmas time. I like to draw and paint my own Christmas cards to send to my family and friends and at school, we make pretty decorations for our tree. I love drawing different patterns and sometimes I even design dresses for my dolls to wear. Maybe I’ll be a fashion designer when I grow up. What would you like to be when you grow up? I’m so excited to meet you! I just know that we will be friends for a very long time”.

Poppy's Story:

“Hiiiii! I’m Poppy. My mum chose the name Poppy, because it is her very favourite flower. I love flowers too. Were you named after someone or something? I have a baby brother. His name is Josh. He’s very new and ve-eee-ry tiny. He sleeps a lot and smells really nice. It’s fun being a big sister.
I have my own bedroom too. My room has pink curtains, pink cushions and a pink bedspread. Can you guess what my favourite colour is? I love to colour pictures with my marker pens but the thing I most love to do, in the whole wide world, is play with my dolls. I have so many dolls; big dolls and small dolls; short dolls and tall dolls. I love choosing their outfits and brushing their hair. Do you like playing with dolls? Oooh I just know we can be special friends”.

Sandra's description

Rag Doll measuring 19 inches in length dressed in a dress with working apron.