DJI Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter A2 Flight Controller

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DJ1 Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopte..

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  • Model: DJI S900 Spreading Wings with A2
  • Manufactured by: DJI
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FREE DELIVERY to UK Mainland (from UK) please note some items may become pre-orders/back-orders without notice. Please contact us.

DJ1 Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter with A2 Flight Controller

The DJI Spreading Wings S900 is designed for professional Aerial photographers and cinematographers. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to take anywhere and create amazing aerials on the go. Equipped with DJIs most advanced motors and ESC a sturdy carbon fibre frame and a brand new power distribution system, the S900 gives you the power, strength and stability you need to create amazing footage.

The carbon fibre arms greatly reduce weight while increasing stability and strength. This enables a long flight time without sacrificing performance.

Weighing only 33KG, the S900 has a maximum take-off weight of 8.2KG; meaning you can easily carry most cameras and gimbals. Flight time of u to 18 minutes using a 6S 12000mAh battery.

  • Lightweight, Strong and Stable
  • Highly Portable, Easy to Carry
  • New Power Distribution System
  • Removable Upper Center Board
  • Sparkproof Plug
  • Professional Quality
  • Wide Range of Shooting Angles
  • Retractable Landing Gear
  • Compatible with Zenmuse Gimbals
  • Reduced Vibrations, Clearer Footage
  • Greater Power
  • Innovative Arm Design

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Optional Extras in this package:

DJI Zenmuse Z15 BMPCC or GH4/GH3 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal (worth £1915) Add this for only £858 (with this A2 package)

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S900 Features

    The S900’s arms and landing gear are made of sturdy carbon fiber, greatly reducing weight while increasing stability and strength. This enables a long flight time without sacrificing performance.
    With arms that fold in to save space, the S900 is built to be taken wherever you need to go. Then when you want to fly, it can be ready to go in just a few minutes. Never before has a professional hexacoptor been so portable and easy to transport.
    The upper center board can be removed, allowing easy access to install your flight controller and IMU, and giving you a convenient way to setup the power distribution system. Even installation of your main controller, iOSD, Lightbridge, or any other accessories is faster and easier than ever before. This new center board structure is perfectly compatible with the DJI WKM and A2 flight controllers.
    A redesigned, rebuilt power distribution system improves safety and reliability. Gold-plated metal bearings with a unique screw design secure the power cords, ensuring cables will not come loose during flight and allowing easy setup.
    Prevent short circuits and easily plug in your power supply with the AS150 sparkproof plug.
    Weighing just 3.3kg, the S900 has a maximum takeoff weight of 8.2kg. This means you can easily carry most cameras and gimbals. Used with a 6S 12000mAh battery, it can fly for up to 18 minutes.
    Retractable landing gear and a special low gimbal mounting bracket gives you an extremely wide range of possible shooting angles and camera motions.
    DJI’s Zenmuse camera gimbals are known for their stability, providing smooth footage capture in even the most difficult of conditions. The S900 fully supports the Zenmuse Z15, GH3, GH4, and BMPCC gimbals.
    The S900’s gimbal bracket is separated from the main frame by specifically designed dampers. This significantly reduces high-frequency vibrations and makes your shots clearer and sharper.
    A 40A electronic speed controller (ESC), our fastest available, is built in to each arm. The 4114 pro motors, high performance 1552 folding propellers, and V-type mixer design combine to give each arm of the S900 a maximum thrust of 2.5Kg.
    Our latest motor adopts a single wire stator design, offering improved heat dissipation, better performance, and a tidier, more reliable system.
    Each arm is designed with an 8° inversion and a 3° inclination, making the aircraft more stable when rolling and pitching, yet more flexible when rotating.

A2 Flight Controller

The A2 flight controller boasts the same basic features as its predecessors but with some impressive new upgrades and incredibly impressive performance. It's DJI's most advanced multirotor stabalization controller. Its features are as follows:

  • 9 Types of multi-rotor supported: not only does the A2 support these 9 types of multirotor, is also supports customized motor mixing.
  • Point of Interest: A feature that's great for those wanting to get great aerial shots, you can set a point of interest and the multirotor will sircle the point of interest with the noise pointing at it, within an adjustable radius of 5 to 500 meters, allowing you to get a great shot of fixed scenic spot.
  • Intelligent Landing Gear Function: When this feature is enabled the landing gear will be defaulted to the lower position, so if you need to land in an emergency, or you are going to crash, to protect the aircraft and the gimbal, the landing gear will lower for a safe landing. You can also control the landing gear from a switch on your transmitter once the aircraft is more than 5m from the ground.
  • Return To Home Feature: As with all DJI flight controllers, the return to home feature gives you peace of mind. If the RC controls lose signal then the multirotor will automatically return to the point is set off from - the home point. It will also do this if the battery gets too low. Not only will it return but it will automatically land for you as well.
  • Motor Fail Protection: This fantastic feature means that if one of your motors stops, the aircraft will get to a good altitude and rotate around the arm with the stopped motor. Then the aircraft still has good control and can RTH safely - avoiding a crash


DJI Zenmuse Z15

The Zenmuse Z15 is a 3-Axis professional gimbal.


  • Specialist design - The gimbal has been specifically designed and balanced to fit certain cameras. You can choose between a gmibal that fits the Panasonic GH3 or GH4 camera, or one that fits a Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera.
  • High Performance - The Z15 is exremely high performance and has been designed for professional filming and aerial photography.
  • Integrated Wiring - The wiring for the Zenmuse is integrates into tehe pipes which means the axis can rotate without any limitation - so that's 360 degrees of mechanic continuous rotation.
  • Independent IMU - The built-in independent IMU module ensures the installation is as simple as possible and will remain stable when flying.


Compare A2 flight controller with Wookong-M

The Wookong-M is a high quality, high performance flight controller for multi-rotors. The WK-M is precisely calibrated and will provide you with an extensive range of failsafe features so you can fly with confidence


  • Built-in gimbal stabilization function: the gimbal stabilization module is compatible with most gimbals, but is optomised to work with DJI Zenmuse gimbals.
  • iPad ground control station is supported: ​with only the use of a bluetooth datalink and bluetooth module you can set waypoints, adjust parameters and record flight information.
  • Precise, accurate and easy: The WK-M will be able to hold its position accurately even in windy conditions. The easy controls are akin to driving a car, meaning it's possible to focus more on what you're shooting that how you're flying.
  • Point of Interest: By using a preset switch on your transmitter you can set an object as a 'point of interest' and maintain altitude whilst moving steadily and smoothly around the point, whilst the camera stays pointing at your set point of interest. This can give you high quality, unique footage.
  • Return To Home feature: The Wookong-M will automatically return to home if the battery is low, or it loses RC signal. It can also be triggered from your transmitter if you wish to enter the failsafe mode.
  • Wookong-M with iOSD: The WK-M supports the iOSD Mark II which will overlay flight information onto your FPV monitor/goggles. You will be able to see altitude, velocity, battery level etc. The iOSD Mark II is good for a big system like this as it can take 2 camera inputs and you can use it to switch between the two cameras, meaning you can FPV with one camera, and shoot your footage with another.
  • Recommended battery: 2S-6S LiPo​

For the Wookong-M Manual please see here.