Large 12 Inch Sticking Target for Airsoft

green and blue add on

Large 12 Inch Sticking Target


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  • Model: h6121 12inch sticking target
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green and blue add on

Large 12 Inch Sticking Target


Designed specifically for Airsoft BB Pellets, which will stick to the target and after a few seconds start to slowly slide down the face of the target. The tray at the bottom will collect the BB.  The special sticky rubber gel pad makes the bullets strongly stick to the target and is washable.

This target is NOT for paintball, steel or metal BBs.


  • Special Adhesive Rubber Pad Makes Bullets Strongly Adhere To Target
  • They Will Drop To Container After Staying On Pad For About 10 Seconds
  • 12" Board
  • Rubber Pad is Washable

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