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Galaxy G12 Metal BB Gun Mauser C96 Style Pistol

Galaxy G12 Metal Army General Style Spring Pistol BB Gun

Luger style but the distinctive characteristics of the C96 are the integral box magazine in front of the trigger and the long barrel.


The C96 "Broomhandle" first came to market in the late 1890's finding favour with British army officers who prized the high power cartridge that the C96 was chambered in, Notable users at that time included Winston Churchill who is reported to have carried one throughout his service in World War 1 and Laurence of Arabia. The C96 was also produced in large amounts over in Spain and in China, where it took on the name "Box-cannon". In the Star Wars Saga, Han-Solo uses his "DL-44" Blaster which is a Thinly disguised C.96 that fires laser bolts.


The German Army General WW2 Style G12 is the perfect firearm. This metal finish gives great accuracy and shooting experience to the BB guns enthusiast. Durability, range, accuracy and style - this compact gun has it all.


This handgun is one of the more recent entrants to the Airsoft guns segment and it incorporates several of the features that have made other BB guns popular with regular users. Its zinc alloy construction lends great resilience and durability to the firearm. Today, the G12 Metal Army General Style G12 German Handgun is considered one of the best products in the heavy weight range of its size.



The style factor of the firearm is top priority for you, then you will find this firearm a great asset indeed. The wood effect handle adds a special touch to this gun that not many other metal finish guns can compare with. Overall, the G12 is a stylish and realistic looking firearm for Airsoft guns enthusiasts.



Colour: Blue or gold



-          200 FPS

-          Metal Shell Body

-          Broom style Wooden Effect Grip

-          Single Shot Spring Action

-          Very Good Accuracy 

- Barrel length around 10cm overall length 24cm

- Includes 2 Magazines (6 round and 10 round)

Please read our page on BB Guns & the Law before purchasing. Please Note: By adding to cart you agree that you have read and accept our Terms & Conditions, as the minimum age to purchase a BB gun is 18 years.

Do not cock the gun whilst finger on the trigger, as this will damage and/or jam the firing mechanism, this damage is not covered by warranty. Also if cheap/inferior and/or re-used pellets are found to be jammed in the gun warranty is voided.

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