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What are FPV Video Goggles?

First Person View (FPV) is a sport where a small camera and video transmitter is mounted on a radio controlled plane or quadcopter ("camera drone"). The live video feed is transmitted from the air for the pilot to view and so fly the aircraft from the "cockpit view" or "first person view".

The FPV goggles form the ground based part of the system, displaying the live video on magnified screens in front of the pilot's eyes and creating a totally immersive experience.

Which are the best types?

FatShark produced the first dedicated FPV goggles with built-in video receiver, and they have been the market leader ever since. We carry the full FatShark range.
Manufacturers such as Spexman and Headplay offer alternatives for different requirements and price points. Have a browse around this section to see all of the various options.

Using FPV Goggles with RC Quadcopters

RC quadcopters (or "camera drones" as they are often known) are a perfect platform for an airborne camera system.  A small screen to view the live image is one option, but sun glare can be a problem.  Goggles get around this problem by blocking out all ambient light giving you a perfect view from your aircraft.

FatShark Base SD FPV Vide

£235.00£225.00-4% off
£235.00£225.00-4% off

FREE DELIVERY to UK Mainland The new BASE SD goggles are one of the best options available for bound video piloting. Easy to use controls can be...

FatShark Attitude V3 Modu


FREE DELIVERY to UK FatShark Attitude V3 Modular FPV Video Goggles The Attitude V3 goggles from FatShark are one of the most popular, versatile FPV...

Fatshark Dominator HD V2


FREE DELIVERY to UK (from UK) Fatshark Dominator HD V2 FPV Video Goggles Fat Shark Dominator HD V2 goggles, 50 degree field of view. Fan equipped...

Fatshark Dominator V3 FPV

£349.99£335.00-4% off
£349.99£335.00-4% off

FREE DELIVERY to UK (from UK) FatShark Dominator V3 FPV Video Goggles The Fat Shark Dominator V3 is the newest FPV video goggle in the  Dominator...

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